Discord Hero | Pigwig

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  • Ownere54r.wam
  • Schema namediscordhero
  • Template ID204705
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  • Mint1555 of 2295
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  • Circulating supply2294
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Pigwig's brilliance and competence in engineering makes him a very important Discord Hero. He is best known for creating amazing R-Planet tools including the 1-click generator and Aetherlender! You might notice him at first, but you can catch him wearing different wigs while crafting with just one click. Abilities: Wig Switch. Click, Click, Done.

  • AttributeValue
  • imgQmRuuuEQMSd2MA2bpvNkKcgbLmkdUhps6WgoXFWW2cfnJN
  • nameDiscord Hero | Pigwig
  • RarityHero
  • Discordhttps://discord.com/invite/rplanet
  • img backQmPr8sSE9rmo95o87ezno6ur9tLXcVE6acr24mEeehySKV
  • DisclaimerPromorplanet is a fan made collection made by Luffy and Absolute to help promote the R-Planet game. Promorplanet is not R-Planet. Cards made by promorplanet are not stakeable at this time and are made to support the Discord.
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