• Asset ID1099679578440
  • Collection


  • Owner5fsuc.wam
  • Schema nameairdropsbycb
  • Template ID417407
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Mint310 of 520
  • Max. supply1618
  • Burned141
  • Circulating supply379
  • Backed tokensNone
  • AttributeValue
  • id1618
  • imgQmPDCWchTUuqFQzphM5pQEcNJFWebA6BzsXT2nSSP3vwVQ
  • rarity The Golden Section
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  • variation Original Artwork
  • description This is the 1st $LFGK P2E GraffPUNK MidEVIL NFT for the Hodl Warriors NFT Battle Game - 1) it's a cool Art Collectable 2) Is a Gaming NFT 3) Rewards weekly $LFGK - more info here The Price Rise Structure for “BROTHER OF THE QUILL” in the “noballgamess” Collection by Charlie Buster is based on the Fibonacci Sequence(FS) and the Golden Ratio(GR). When a NFT reaches its next Milestone in the (FS) the Floor Price will rise by the (GR)x1.61 and rounded to its nearest round number, Official Stats from “Sale History” on Atomic Hub and the amount of NFTs sold from Each Templated NFT. NFT’s Sold - Price Rise x1.61 1 to 377 - (150 WAX) 377 to 610 - (250 WAX) 610 to 987 - (420 WAX) 987 to 1,597 - (700 WAX) 1,597 to 2,584 - (1,150+ WAX) (FS) Mint Numbers in All CB Collection’s are UltraRARES. (#1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987,1597,2584,4181,6765,10946,17711. Super Rare Easter Egg Mint Number’s - (#13,69,88,161,420,666.) All Of These Numbered NFT’s can be Swapped at Any Time for 3 Random Master Mints. DM For More Info... *THE ARK OF THE COVENANT MINT* - aka The Golden Ratio Mint #1618. This Mind Meltingly Rare As F**K Mint and can be swapped for for 21 Random Collector’s Mints. Price rise Only based on the First 1 to 100 Collector’s Mint NFT’s, Price’s will also rise for the remaining Burn Mints due to a controlled amount of Airdrop’s and Weekly Blend’s Available Every Friday At 4:20pm GMT, Once all 5 Stages are Completed the NFT will now go into Price Discovery and The Sky is the Limit...

Price history in WAX