Staking is Coming

  • Asset ID1099794383390
  • Collection


  • Ownerucfrk.wam
  • Schema nameswag
  • Template ID532283
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Mint2309 of 7392
  • Max. supply
  • Burned42
  • Circulating supply7350
  • Backed tokensNone

Our passive staking is active on - You can already log in and register your NFTs collection to share the reward of 100,000 LIMBO tokens every day! You just need to register your NFTs only the first time (they will stay in your wallet), then each purchase / sale / transfer will be automatically monitored by the smart contract. You will be able to make the first claim on June 17th 2022, the unclaimed tokens will be accumulated and will not be lost.

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