Solar Power Mining Station

  • Asset ID1099794521015
  • Collection


  • Ownerbl5b2.wam
  • Schema nameactive
  • Template ID511792
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Mint853 of 2694
  • Max. supply
  • Burned1420
  • Circulating supply1274
  • Backed tokensNone

Solar Power mining station powered by sunlight. +X RESM if paired with Ground mining Collection card - Solar Power Mining Station gets +x RESM if mining in the same operation with any Ground mining collection card. Ground mining collection cards have same logo as Ground mining Collection card. It also gets +X RESM if used in the same lineup in PVP, as long as there is a Ground Mining Collection card alive. If there is more Ground Mining Collection cards only 1X bonus can be applied for 1 GMS.

  • AttributeValue
  • level1
  • power10
  • energy18
  • rarityEpic
  • special"+2 RESM if paired with Ground mining Collection card
  • variantE1
  • nft mining3
  • resource mining4
  • nameSolar Power Mining Station
  • albumMining
  • collectionGround Mining

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