"If It Burns, We Can smoke It." Membership 4.0

  • Asset ID1099812896731
  • Collection


  • Ownerdcrms.c.wam
  • Schema nameskunkychunks
  • Template ID582427
  • Is burnable
  • Is transferable
  • Mint672 of 1141
  • Max. supply
  • Burned3
  • Circulating supply1138
  • Backed tokensNone

This NTT (Non-Transferable Token) gives you access to Pack drops, Drops, FREE Airdrops, FREE Claimable Drops and more... Simply keep this NTT in your wallet and be a SkunkyChunks member. This NTT is meant for 1 per person, anyone found using multiple wallets or to cheat our systems and the community will be added to the blacklist. This NTT is to safegaurd the drops from BOTS, this is all to help the SkunkyChunks community. Join the Discord!

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