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Day 15 - Ceremony Begins


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The first time I did an Ayahuasca ceremony my life changed. I had (allegedly lol) tried a few entheogens before and I’m super grateful for those experiences that opened my mind up to a bigger universe and kinds of perception I wouldn't have been able to imagine.

If psilocybin is a hill, Ayahuasca is Mount Freakin Everest. Ceremony can be beautiful and transcendent but the real work is when it gets uncomfortable. I had been drinking basically non stop my whole music career and this manifested in needing 4 cups (this is insane) to get connected and a whole lot of purging. I am an obnoxiously pragmatic person but for all the world it felt like I was expelling demons. Early on in that first ceremony I set the intention to find my purpose and figure out how to accomplish something I could be proud of. (my music career, while i loved it then and still do now, is really stagnant. Its not going anywhere and I don’t even think I want it too).

Aya (again… im very pragmatic/realist non-woo but I call the medicine by her name now as if she were a person… won’t be able to explain why here) can rewire your brain. Re-code your software. For me that first time she repeated “DO THE WORK” what felt like 1000 times. So much so that these 5 years later when I get stuck that phrase will smack me in the face and very often show me the path forward.

And a week after that first ceremony I quit drinking for a year. This probably saved my life.

Today I begin my first 7 day ceremony. And it’s 7 days of silence besides. Drops and twitter posts will be automated.

Day 16-21 I’ll get into what I hope to achieve.