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Day 16 - Set the Intention


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2022 was hard for me. Very difficult negotiations to save the Uplift from people who wanted to kill it out of greed. Sick for months. Went from financially successful to completely broke (& then some). I’ve had actual depression before and thankfully I’ve managed to avoid that this year but whenever things get quiet my asshole brain starts screaming at me that I’m a failure, and worse. So much so that I sleep with audiobooks on now, and during the day I have been defaulting to literally constant mental input to keep those voices from driving me bonkers.

I’m at bottom. Ok great. But not really. ;-)

While I’m personally broke and feeling useless the plain truth is that we’re going to be ok. My wife makes decent money and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to take moonshot after moonshot in the first place. So, so many people don’t have that. It’s an incredible gift and I’m very lucky.
The Uplift team is all there and we have total control to realize our shared vision there with the DAO. That’s massive. Like… really fucking MASSIVE!
And I’ve been learning and committing to THE WORK not least of which manifesting in this little art nft experiment!
Not to mention being born in the 1st world &&&&... I started on third base. It doesn’t make my problems or challenges go away but it’s a ton to be grateful for no matter what happens. & Gratitude is a superpower.

So what’s my intention for this week long silent ceremony?

Get comfortable with silence. Aya has shown me time and again that at the center of silence, in the deep quiet, is a reservoir of infinite intelligence. It’s where all the genius lives, and I’ve been keeping myself away from it for short term comfort, basically running away from painful thoughts.

7 days of silence started yesterday afternoon. It will either lead me to great power to achieve what I want and hopefully do some good in the world, or I’ll come back completely bonkers.

*its going to be the first one. ;-)