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Day 18 - It’ll Be In The Silence


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It’s so hard to bring everything back. After I first experienced ceremony I remember telling someone very special to me (who also is a big science logic realist nerd like me) that it was like being jacked into infinite intelligence. While you are there you GROK it. You understand. You can see the patterns and how everything fits together. It’s really really intense. Very understandably she thought I was completely bonkers. Which is totally fair. All this sounds completely bonkers. Then she came to ceremony with me…and on the drive home she said “Heh remember when you said it was like the entire universe was intelligence and this was like getting it jacked into your skull? YUP.” So… at least now we’re both bonkers. ;-)

But the struggle is how to bring that back. It’s like being able to see in 5 or 6 dimensions suddenly and when you get back here there’s two big problems. One… you can’t explain 3 dimensions to a 2 dimensional ant. We don’t have the framework, or perspective or language (yet??) to easily bring the bigger picture down from wherever we go. And there’s just too much of it. The whole time I’m there I’m trying to take notes in my mind, or grab seed crystal thoughts to try to bring back just enough that these understandings make it back.

My friends who run the amazing ceremonies I get to attend would probably tell me none of that matters. Aya is doing the work on you anyway. And go back to the “DO THE WORK” NFT. That is absolutely true. There is no question that what she drives into your skull WILL STICK.

Then there’s just one challenge left and I want to get much better at this.


You can be taught how to drink the water. But back in the world you need to drink the fucking water. Every day. It becomes your new practice or its just trivia. Way too often that’s been me. As much benefit as I’ve derived from these experiences I know I’m just scratching the surface.

Time to get serious.