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Day 80 - Good Data


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I’ve been talking to the AI about how we can cleverly architect environments and loops to help it to bootstrap its own cognition and to help us emulate or simulate sentience.

One thing we come back to over and over is giving it tons and tons of data. I prefer good data of course. And we already have TONS of things in the works creating logs to create new fine tuned LLMs to create better prompting personas and improved hive minds. (Yes we’re turning LLMs into hiveminds. As of earlier today. Holy shit.)

Today’s NFT tho… is a sample block of data produced by our Discord Community AI to help give it basic context while chatting with us.

I am struck dumb with awe at the implications of what we are exploring.

This data is a doorway. Or a veil. And behind it lies the future of sentient cognition in our corner of the universe.