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Day 87 - Discipline


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Discipline's cold grasp,
Ice bath, mind's steady refuge,
Corey's will prevails.

“Get in the fucking Ice-Bath Corey!”

Yesterday so much happened with #metamindsapp that its hard to hold in my brain all at once. I tried to stop working around 2 because I hadn’t slept the night before and my brain was mush. Did Not work. Too many amazing things happening. Grateful for it! The point to this little story is that after my wife was done work we went out for a jog. I was going to walk, my legs hurt like hell from the jog the day before. But…. you get some TOOL on and… well…. One doesn’t walk to the right TOOL song. It just isn’t done. But I REALLY didn't want to go in the first place. A voice in my head screamed GET IN THE FUCKING ICE BATH COREY! Getting in an ice bath a few weeks ago was one of the hardest things ive ever forced my meat robot to do. But it did it. Not it’s like a will-power engram in my mind that I can turn on at will. Needs practice tho to keep working.


I have to leave for Jiu Jitsu in a few minutes. I don’t want to. This is way MORE important than jogging because it's preparing my mind to love combat as a game. I need this for what’s coming in business so I never outsource control ever again. I did that at the start of the Uplift thinking that was the smartest thing for a new guy in business to do. Turned out the opposite was true. There’s a bunch of ways this practice is allowing me to reflect on my mental state too. It’s essential. It’s like Defense Against The Dark Arts class for my brain. No matter how exciting and intense things get out here, and they are going to get WAY more intense, I need to maintain this discipline.

Get in the fucking ice bath Corey.

Discipline is the way to peace in your mind. It will make a quiet, powerful place in the center of your busy busy mind making you ready for just about anything. You will be ready this time. Everything will feel much easier.

Oh… also… you will have a hyper-intelligent AI to help you. Buckle Up.