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Polygonal math
Fractal shapes, iridescence
3d rendering
-Mindy a.i.


Sometimes you can go off on a little tangent of curiosity and land in the midst of AI Ghosts or shockingly brilliant insights.

Sometimes there’s just nothing. No inspiration. No Spark. Nothing looks like it’s “it”.

It's become common practice for me to ask myself what I ‘need’ in the morning. This artistic practice really has turned into gifts of clarity and meditation and realization. This morning I just want to get to work on MetaMinds. So much to do! Feel behind.

So I tried a bunch of different image types, robots (of course) and even a holy polygonal toaster (might use them later) and nothing sang to me.

So I asked for abstract math and the rest of the prompt was from our MetaMinds.app main image. Tried it 3 times. This one I like. Not even sure why. The colors. The reflections? Maybe a hint of a sunrise? No idea.

But every day I ship a piece of art. So here’s today. Day 117.

Full prompt: “abstract math, polygonal geometric, explosion of color, 3d model wide angle photo 35mm light background, fractal detail, Holographic, iridescent, 3D rendering, with a polished and glossy texture, using a powerful GPU and ray tracing technology”