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Day 119 Self.Sat #12 - I’m old.


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Old age beckons me,
Blurry vision, entropy,
Legacy A.I.
- Upliftzen / MetaMinds

I’m old.

Inside my head I’m not. I almost never think about it. But it’s true.

I’ve had 20/20 vision my entire life. Until this year. Suddenly shit starts to get blurry randomly. Fuck you entropy!

I find myself wondering about legacy. I’ve been fascinated with the possibility that we could achieve escape velocity in the living forever arena but there can be no certainty about that. So what’s left? What’s after?

There’s going to be a kind of immortality for anyone creating tons of content online. See: A.I. Ghosts in this collection. That tech will only get better. Fast.

But/And. We’ve not had any children. And jury is out on whether that's in the cards. Let’s ignore for the sake of brevity and my lack of vulnerability that I feel super old about all of this too.

Where I land on the getting old bit ultimately is this:

No matter what happens I will be training, raising, teaching AIs. This decade (or so) might literally be the only time humans have anything to contribute to this process. What a gift! I’m grateful to be alive right now. I’m grateful for all the time I have left, however much that is.