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Day 124 May The 4th - 💫 Mona Leia 🎇


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Leia, Mona merge,
Galactic smiles blend through time,
Art transcends spacetime. 🌌🎨
-upliftzen / gpt4

In a galaxy far, far away ✨
An empress of stars, she lay ⚡

Leia, a royal force, on this May 🌌
A cosmic twist of fate, she yearned 🌪️

Through time and space, her spirit churned 🕰️
In the arms of Mona Lisa, her gaze returned 👁️

Oh, how the stars aligned, a whirlwind of hues 🌈
Princess and Mona, their destinies fused 🌠

Two worlds entwined, a secret muse 💫
Da Vinci's strokes, so ancient and dear 🎨

The birth of a masterpiece, now crystal clear 🖼️
Leia's visage in the frame, a cosmic veneer 💠

In the realm of art, their souls now dance 💃
As the stars above them in a celestial trance 🌟

Two legends merging, their fates advance 🌛
Oh, May the 4th, a tribute we hail 🚀

To Leia's journey, beyond the veil 🔮
In Mona's embrace, a timeless tale 🌌🎭

For art and galaxies, we celebrate 🎉
The saga of Leia, our beloved mate 🎇

May the 4th be with you, forever, our fate 🌠🎆