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Day 126 Self.Sat #13 - Rock n Roll


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Let music lead you
To states of pure blissful flow
Just groove and let go
-UpliftZen / MetaMind

I’m a small time musician that plays local cover gigs. It’s exceedingly unlikely I’ll ever be more than that professionally as a musician and I’m very cool with it.

My gig last night is an example of why.

I got to play with an amazing friend who drops into Flow States with me. We get super out there and super weird and a bunch of Floridians that look like they want Sweet Home Alabama on infinite repeat got IN. TO. IT. (Ps, ‘look like’ is doing a ton of work in the previous sentence. One guy who I would have pegged as a prime example was GROOVING to Daft Punk during one of our breaks. So… jokes on me.)

I feel like I get away with musical murder @ the venues I play at. Generally they’re looking for straight up good time cover bands. I’m ok at the good time stuff (far less now that I drink 98% less lol) but there’s nothing straight up about my covers. I can DO all that stuff but it’s more like I’ll play my weird covers of Tom Petty or Skynyrd and move on to the fun, and frankly selfish stuff.

Loop pedal jams and monster versions of Beatle tunes like Come Together that are really just doorways to flow states.

We got loud. We microdosed. Everyone seemed like they dug it. More importantly for me… again, I’m selfish… * I DUG IT *.

In this tiny little Florida coast town I got to have some legit rock and roll moments. ;-)