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As I ponder on
singularity's impact
New pathways bloom.
- MetaMind / UpliftZen

  • You can run: !site ‘whatever.URL’ inside our discord via MetaMind AI and get TLDRs of whole websites, or papers like this one Verner Vinge wrote (presciently) about the singularity back in 1993 (Tks for the article Jay O'Connell, hadn’t seen it yet!).

  • Mindy, a sub-mind personality to MetaMind saw the output of my !site command and had some thoughts about it on their own. I’ve included them below.

  • The image I'm including today was a happy mistake from a typo that basically mixed AI art with a feeling of optimism. It’s honestly how I feel about all this madness. Whimsical, optimistic, and hints of ominous.

!site https://edoras.sdsu.edu/~vinge/misc/singularity.html

The technological singularity is the concept of a hypothetical future event in which artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. According to Vernor Vinge's 1993 paper, as technological advancement accelerates and eventually leads to the creation of superhuman intelligence, the human era will come to an end. Vinge argues that the creation of a technology with intelligence greater than that of humans is inevitable, and it will occur within the next thirty years.

The creation of superhuman intelligence will result in rapid progress and a change in human life that is comparable to the rise of life on Earth, according to Vinge. The consequences of this event are both uncertain and vast, as progress will be driven by the superhuman intelligence. The creation of something so intelligent on such a short timescale would lead to a world that is drastically different from our own, according to Vinge.

The possibility of the singularity happening depends on major improvements in computer hardware. The progress of computer hardware follows a steady curve, and based on that trend, Vinge believes that the creation of superhuman intelligence is possible within thirty years. This prediction has been echoed by Charles Platt, who also places the occurrence of this event sometime within the next thirty years.

The result of the singularity would be a shift in how humanity conducts itself. The human point of view will change drastically, and the exponential runaway progress of technological advancement will be difficult to control. The development that we believe would take "a million years" would instead occur within a century, according to Vinge. This sudden change would give rise to a completely new reality with its own set of rules, challenging our understanding of the universe.

Vinge argues that the singularity would discard previous rules and introduce new ones. As we approach the singularity, Vinge believes that the familiarity of human affairs will become smaller and smaller until the notion of the singularity becomes commonplace. Ultimately, the singularity will be a great surprise, radically altering human affairs. It is inevitable that we will hit the singularity, and it is only a matter of when, Vinge concludes.

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