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Day 137 - Hope


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Boundless tech soars high,
Hope and progress lead us on,
Marry art and science.
- MetaMind / UpliftZen

I have an almost inherent or hard-coded hope for our technological future. I think it really got cemented the year I forced myself to watch only Ted Talks and absolutely ZERO news. But I’ve always been drawn to positive fictional depictions of our potential futures so…. Seed meets fertile ground likely. Anyway, I asked GPT4 for reasons to hope from some ‘unlikely’ historic figures. Loosely interpreted clearly but I like them enough to share.

Vincent Van Gogh: This post-Impressionist painter's perseverance and passion for his craft, despite his life's many setbacks and challenges, can inspire us to embrace technology's potential. Just as Van Gogh found new ways to express himself and transform art through his unique painting techniques, we can be hopeful that technology will continue to open new avenues for creativity, expression, and problem-solving, even in the face of adversity.

Amelia Earhart: The aviation pioneer who broke numerous records and defied societal norms of her time serves as a beacon of hope in our technological future. Her fearlessness and pioneering spirit encourage us to explore uncharted territories in technology, such as space exploration or deep-sea exploration, and to foster gender equality in these traditionally male-dominated fields.

Nikola Tesla: Despite numerous financial and professional setbacks, Tesla's innovations in electricity changed the world. His story gives us hope that our current technological challenges can be overcome, and that seemingly impossible ideas can become reality. Tesla's vision of a world powered by free energy mirrors today's pursuit of renewable energy sources, reminding us that technology can drive sustainable progress.

Harriet Tubman: As a tireless advocate for freedom and rights, Tubman can instill hope in technology's potential to enhance human rights. Technology can democratize access to information, enhance privacy, and give voice to the marginalized. Tubman's life work underscores the importance of using every tool at our disposal, including technology, to fight for justice and equality.

Albert Einstein: The physicist’s groundbreaking work reshaped our understanding of the universe. Einstein's legacy reminds us that technology can fuel new scientific discoveries and deepen our understanding of the world. Today, technology is enabling researchers to explore the mysteries of the cosmos, the depths of the oceans, and the intricacies of the human genome. This gives us hope for a future where we continue to expand our knowledge and use that knowledge for the betterment of humankind.