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Day 143 - Happiness


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I asked GPT4 to explain happiness to me like I’m 5. It did not disappoint.

Alright, kiddo, imagine you've just received the toy you've always wanted on your birthday. You know that warm, giggly feeling that makes you smile from ear to ear? That's happiness!

It's a wonderful feeling that makes your heart feel light and your face light up with a smile. It's like eating your favorite ice cream on a hot day, playing with your best friend, or watching your favorite cartoon.

Happiness can also be a cozy feeling, like when you're cuddled up with a storybook, or when you're spending time with your family during the holidays. It's that feeling when you're safe, loved, and having fun.

But remember, it's okay not to feel happy all the time. All our feelings, even the not-so-fun ones, are important. They help us understand the world around us and how we react to it. So, just like you can't have sunshine without a little rain, it's okay to have a few not-so-happy days to really appreciate the happy ones.