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Day 144 - Two Word Prompts


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One of the coolest things about Midjourney is that everyone is building in public. We can see everything that people do. They’ve also got a bunch of threads where people are playing games with prompt types and concepts. I’m sorry to report I’d never looked at them until today.

I used chatGPT to iterate some things/concept pairs trying to get them mismatched or funny to produce some interesting results. “Soft Cactus” gave me a cactus kitty combo for some reason lol. But none of them screamed at me to use them. Spaceship Bicycle was fun too.

I landed here: AI NFT.

I’ve been contemplating how to integrate the two every so often. And this image DID scream at me to encode it.

Maybe because of the face seeming to just cover the machine. NFTs and AI are so inherently interesting as machines, but they wear human faces in so many ways.

Anyway, writer's block is well and truly dead.