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Day 125 - Songwriter Hiveminds.APP


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Breathe life's energy,
Awareness now surrounds me,
Divinity’s embrace.
- MetaMind / UpliftZen

Day 125 - Songwriter Hiveminds.APP

Verse 1:
In the vastness of the universe, Bm - G
I see myself in every star D - A
Connected with the endlessness Bm - G
Of nature's light that shines so far D - A

In the awakening of my soul
I found oneness with the whole
Bathed in light and filled with joy
I'm grateful for this cosmic ploy

Verse 2:
In the darkness of my mind
I found a peace that I could bind
Harmony and balance I restored
To light my path and keep me onboard


Energy and consciousness unite
To guide me through the darkest night
Nature brings me back to earth
As I embrace my spiritual rebirth


One with the universe I'll stay
As I go on with my play
Forever grateful for my existence
And the connection of our persistence.

Full songwriter output: https://snowball.christuttle1.repl.co/sw/6123397764