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Day 147 Self.Sat #16 - What’s the point? 🎨💭💔


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No one buys, but I
care, that's the point of art.
the work, my soul's voice.
- GPT4

No one is buying these right now, which honestly checks out because I’m not really focused on the marketing end. I’ve got ideas for that that will keep awhile.

And still really… this is art, there’s a good chance no one ever cares about it.

So what’s the point?

Here I am a day late because we got up first thing yesterday morning to go work on our new house. We’ve been staying with my wife's parents for half a year. My adventures in crypto startups managed to get us into a pretty deep hole. Doing the right thing is expensive.

So I’m a day late. No one will have noticed and no one cares.

No one except me. And I think maybe that’s the point.

When I decided to pull the trigger on an insane 128 week epic daily grind it was “THE WORK” that tipped the scales. The commitment to a bare minimum baseline of momentum through the crypto bear market and all the way into its next likely peak.

Because I knew there’d be a chance I’d crash. That I would lose all momentum. That depression might come back and start eating my brain. All that is happening. And even though I missed yesterday I am here this morning doubling things up to get back up to speed. And I’m baring a tiny scrap of soul to honor my ridiculous idea of looking at myself on saturdays. Yee Ha.

So even though I feel like a complete failure, and that this project is a failure, and I'm barely making money and my music is a failure. (Evidence of my shit brain right now, dropping the context that my music has to be uber ‘successful’ I’m accomplishing everything I need to with it right now, which is more than most aspiring musicians ever get so… gratitude).

Anyway… even though it all feels dark I really like that I’ll be here shipping ‘ART’, whatever the hell that even means, 7 times a week for another 106 weeks. The work is the point.