Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #199 / 200

Sold out

My story... | PROMO #1


Available / Max supply 0 / 150

Sold 150

PROMO #1 of Adam’s Journey project!

How to pick up a drop:https://medium.com/@Adams_Journey/promo-nft-schedule-and-usage-adams-journey-99454d413f09

If you collect all three promo cards during this week, you can exchange them for a sketch pack! Where is ADJPASS! And also the sketches of our project.


When you open sketch packs, you are guaranteed to get 5 NFTs

| Sketch - 99% | Pass Card - 1% |

This promotion is used as a pre-opening test for premium packs.
Be sure to ask questions if any, we will try to answer them!

For full project details and whitepaper visit WEBSITE