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If you ask how to get a whitelist - for the whitelist for this drop you need a WLChip

Farm KPOINT just for keeping this nft.To pick up your reward,click here or Stake it HERE

"Save Base" is an intriguing NFT series that transports you to unique isometric locations, each with its own distinctive characteristics. These locations are essentially conditional neighborhoods, featuring densely packed buildings, residential infrastructure, lush vegetation, and even domes in non-terrestrial or space settings.

The images themselves beautifully capture the essence, but let's delve deeper into what makes these NFTs truly special.

You will find that different quests require different characters to complete. These characters can only be created if you have a suitable place to house them. The capacity and number of days available for a job is directly related to the rarity of the NFT. This means that the rarer your NFT base is, the more characters it can accommodate and the longer they can use it. Strategic base selection will play a key role in your gaming adventures, so it is advisable to have more different ones.