Arctic Freeze, Winter 2022 - Limited Release


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Arctic Freeze, Winter 2022 - Limited Release

Thank you to all of our Ancient Oasis Explorers.
Your courage and determination have helped bring light to this mythical world. We are excited to announce that, coming soon, you can take an Expedition to the Cave of Wonder or Tempest Peak.

On these new Expeditions, you'll find Arctic Creatures and Legendary Gems that will bring strength and power to your Tribe. Creatures will be your companions in our upcoming Journeys and Trade Routes, so keep building that army!

We are confident that with your help, we will uncover even more mysteries in 2023. See you in the Oasis.

Staking Value: 15 NOLA 6/hr
Game Site http://play.ancientoasis.world
Check https://www.ancientoasis.world for upgrade and blend details.

Blend up to EPICs and prepare for Journeys & Trade Routes

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About Arctic Explorer Series
2 New Areas - Cave of Wonder & Tempest Peak
Up to 3 Rewards per Trip (2 Guaranteed Rewards + 50% chance for 3rd Reward)

80% Gem Shards - Used to upgrade Common to Rare Creatures, or combine 5 to create a Blendstone
10% Blendstones - Used to Upgrade Rare to Epic Creatures (2 New Blendstones for Arctic Explorers)
10% Creature Coins - Redeemable for Common Creatures (12+ New Creatures)
XX% Chance for extremely limited drops (TBD)
Subject to change based on final release