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Golden Ticket (Tier 1)


247.52 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 50

Sold 50


Embark on the Whirlpool of Fate journey and uncover legendary rewards and essential supplies to prepare for the challenging Trail of Tears in the captivating world of Ancient Oasis. Purchase tickets using WAX or NOLA, and redeem your Golden Ticket to unlock the swirling vortex, unveiling hidden treasures within its depths. Keep in mind that prices increase after every 50 tickets sold.

Discover sought-after rewards such as 1:1 Eternal Balance Artifacts, Whirlpool Ship Tokens, Egg Origins, alchemy ingredients, recipes, pouches, kits, and potions, all awaiting intrepid explorers. The Eternal Balance Artifacts enhance a vessel's weight capacity, the mystic Egg Origins contain extraordinary creatures, and the Whirlpool Ship Token offers a speed advantage for swift navigation.

The Whirlpool of Fate also conceals secrets of ancient alchemy, including enchanted pouches filled with rare ingredients and Scrolls of Knowledge that reveal the art of crafting potent Health and Energy Vials, Flasks, and Orbs. Equip your creatures with these magical concoctions to enhance their abilities while exploring the world.


Whirlpool USD Prices
Tier 1 (1-50): $10
Tier 2 (51-100): $12
Tier 3 (101-250): $15

Whirlpool NOLA Prices
Tier 1 (1-50): 25,000 SOLD OUT
Tier 2 (51-100): 30,000 SOLD OUT
Tier 3 (101-250): 35,000

Learn more on: https://ancientoasis.world
Join the Oasis on Discord: https://discord.gg/ancientoasis

Whirlpool Possibilities
Bone Key: 20 (Redeemable for 1:1 Legendary Artifacts)
Ship Token: 20 (Redeemable for Legendary Whirlpool Ship)
Ember Egg: 33 (Genesis Hatching)
Enigma Egg: 33 (Genesis Hatching)
Primordial Egg: 33 (Genesis Hatching)
Health Orb Recipe: 15
Energy Orb Recipe: 15
Health Flask Recipe: 20
Energy Flask Recipe: 20
Health Vial Recipe: 25
Energy Vial Recipe: 25
Energy Orb: 20
Health Orb: 20
Alchemy Kits: 100 (4 Alchemy Items)
Alchemy Pouches: 100 (3 Alchemy Ingredients)