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Shallow Tank


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Welcome to the beautiful world of AquaPixel!
A new schema of aquascapeart collection, drawn pixel by pixel.

*Shallow tank is a visually stunning underwater landscape designed in a shallow aquarium setting. This aquascaping style emphasizes the use of low-growing aquatic plants and delicate decorations to create a sense of spaciousness and tranquility. The tank typically features a well-balanced arrangement of rocks, driftwood, and carefully selected plant species, resulting in a harmonious composition that showcases the beauty of simplicity. With its shallow water depth, this type of aquascape offers a unique perspective, allowing for easy observation of the intricacies of the aquatic ecosystem within the tank.

**Nft utility:

  • Stakeable on to earn Wax without moving nft out of your wallet
  • Stakeable on Dungeon Master (next update)
    50% of profits will go to waxdao nft farm

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