ArtVndngMchn Series 3: Pack of 5 NFTs


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ArtVndngMchn Series 3: CryptoSkateboards and Other Things that Fly!

  • Curated by Joe Chiappetta, this digital fine art collection wraps top-notch paintings and drawings into lively NFT packages.
  • 5 NFTs in each pack
  • Much of the art revolves around the theme of skateboards, fantastic cars, and other high-flying vehicles.
  • Catch these wonderful visions from the following diverse and international artists: Bruce Bachelder, Jennifer Barrett, Anna, Denise, Joe, and Luke Chiappetta, Beth and Caleb Cohen, Kara Mia, Sean O'Kana, Mike Rende, Melida Rios, Fabi Yamada, Richard Yates, and Marko Zubak.
  • 10% goes to charity through MERCYworldwide, helping youth who are blind learn independent living skills at the Kyiv School for the Visually Impaired.

1% chance of pulling Mythic NFT = Edition of 1
5% chance of pulling Legendary NFT = Edition of 9
23% chance of pulling Epic NFT = Edition of 49
29% chance of pulling Rare NFT = Edition of 90
24% chance of pulling Uncommon NFT = Edition of 130
19% chance of pulling Common NFT = Edition of 200

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