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Bald Jesus 1874 by Vagobond (BJ65-Wax)



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Happy 3rd of July!

We love the ideals of the United States of America and we love Bald Jesus.
To err is human, no hair is divine.


Infinite Bald Jesus in the BaldJesusVerse. Let your creativity go wild. We don't own Bald Jesus, no one can, he's simply too big and too bald to belong to anyone. That's the reason why we are a collective (one reason anyway) - so let your imagination go crazy! Infinite Bald Jesus!

Join the Bald Jesus Collective. We are looking for devs, community mods, artists, writers, musicians, cartoonists, videographers, and multi-potentialites!

Come join our Discord. Bots need not apply!


Jesus Shaves!