Arcadium Capsule


648.14 WAX

Available / Max supply 292 / 350

Sold 58

Arcadium Sale!
The Arcadian council is selling 500 Arcadium crystals (distributed into 350 Capsules and 150 Heavy containers). Those crystals, illegally mined by Phemautaz, a space pirate, will allow their future owners to improve their constructions. Furthermore, to stimulate the Arcadian economy, the board also included in each pack many NBM goodies.

This Capsule Contains an Arcadium crystal along with some NBM goodies. The Arcadium crystal is the rarest type of mineral present in Arcadia. Its composition is a perfect balance between the 4 unique Arcadian resources, Fusium, Minium, Actium and Constructium. This crystal can be used to greatly reduce the cost of construction upgrades. Additionally, this capsule contains 5 shop tickets along with either a construction pack (10%), an ACP (30%), 5 shop tickets (30%) or a card piece (30%)