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The Arcadian Council is selling NBM Shadow Depths passes. Each pass grants its owner Premium access to the first season of NBM Shadow Depths with more than $10,000 to win!
In addition to getting a head start for the season, these passes grant unique rewards when clones perform tasks along with strong perks for future events.

Each pass grants:
-DOUBLE REWARDS! Receive 2x more tokens (+100%) when you sell and dismantle!
-FULL SELL PRICE! Get full price (100%!) when you dismantle/sell items (no need to reach specific ranks)
-DAMAGE REDUCTION! Reduce damage to equipment when the clone has to recover (3% instead of 5%)
-+200% TOKEN STACKS! Token stacks automatically 2 times bigger (200% tokens per stack)
-ADVANCED SHIP! Start with a molecular printer level 2, a warehouse level 2, and T.09 multitasking level 2
-COMPRESSOR: Start with both Material and Token compressors level 3
-TELEPORTATION SYSTEM! Gain access to a unique ship system that allows to backup items during missions.
-EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Receive additional bonuses for all upcoming seasons

Additionally, each pass allows its owner to claim unique rewards during the season!

100 passes will be sold for $20. 200 passes will be sold for $30. Once done, the remaining passes will be sold for $35.

Play to NBM Shadow Depths on:

For more info, please join our NBM Discord: