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NFT Battle Miners - Initial sale: Public pool


3,215.43 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 3185

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Public pool snapshot: 4pm UTC

Public pool
3185X Survival Pack (20USD)
Survival pack contains 1X Land card (75% common, 25% rare) and 1X Active card Promo pack.
3185X Secured Station (50USD)
Secured station contains 1X Land card (57% common, 25% rare, 15% epic, 2.5% legendary, 0.5% ultimate) and 2X Active card Promo pack
2185X Front Post (100USD)
Front post contains 3X Active card Promo pack and 1X Land card (28% common, 45% rare, 20% epic, 5% legendary and 2% ultimate)
3185X Dominator Station (200USD)
Dominator station is the highest tier pack! It is the only pack that will give you a Construction card pack!
Nevertheless, you will also get a 3X Active card Promo pack and a Land card (55% rare, 30% epic, 10% legendary, 5% ultimate)!

Pack opening available on !

Content of the packs and all the details you can check on: - chapter 7

1st level (7PM UTC) Active Battle Miner Discord role(MUST be WAX Linked as well) whitelisted - 30 mins cooldown /1 of each pack
2nd level (7.30PM UTC) WAX Linked Discord role whitelisted - 30 mins cool-down/1 of each pack
3rd level (8PM UTC) Public sale - Whitelisting requirement removed - 30 mins cool-down/1 of each pack

If any packs are left after 24 hours, they will be added to the ‘NBM shop’ with a doubled price!

NFT Battle Miners

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