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Suckadelic - Married To The Money - x5 NFTs


44.78 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 420

Sold 420

Married To The Money from Suckadelic!

Collect all 28 NFTs!

Slot 1-4 Digital Figure
Slot 5 Special (vIRLs - WAXP Backed NFTs - Blend Tokens)
Bonus Slot: Bread Token (Save These) Top 2 Holders will get a FREE vIRL Custom Action Figure.

Common 1-10
UnCommon 11-21
Rare 22-25
Ultra Rare 26-28

Bonus Items.
100 WAXP Backed NFT
500 WAXP Backed NFT
1000 WAXP Backed NFT
vIRL Signed Sucklord Card
vIRL Sucklord Studio Relic
Blend Token
Signature Blend Token

Each Pack wil have a "Bread" token, DO NOT BURN!