Holiday Milo 2021 Pack - Festive Milo + 4 Gift Boxes (Remaining 1500 Packs)


50 WAX

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 605

Total Packs to be minted: 2500

Our Winter Holiday 2021 Edition Pack Drop will have a total of mint number of 2500 going for 50 WAX each.
This is the last chance to get the exclusive Holiday Milo 2021 drop!!
This drop is for the remaining 1500 Packs!

Festive Milo:
Legendary (0.5%)
Epic (2%)
Uncommon (15%)
Common (77.5%)

Milo does not provide any additional stats. The stats displayed are the default stats for every player.

However, Milo will give additional daily free heals depending on the rarity.
Common provides 1 additional free heal to your 5 heal limit for a total of 6 Daily Free Heals.
Uncommon provides 2 additional for a total of 7 Daily Free Heals.
Rare provides 3 for a total of 8.
Epic provide 4 for a total of 9.
Legendary provides 5 for a total of 10.

Price per Pack: 50 Wax Each