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PvP Factions


2,439.02 WAX

Available / Max supply 1 / 2

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PvP Factions

Max Supply: 10
8 Teams/Factions already exist within Box Maze World, thus only 2 Faction Tokens will be available.
PvP Teams will become Box Maze World PvP Factions, each player can assign their champion to a faction. Factions will be at constant war over control of the solar system, a factions health and damage is based on a total score of champions assigned to the faction. Players must spend BMC to join a faction or swap from one faction to the next.

At the end of every month, if the solar system balance is maintained, all champions assigned to the faction in control of the solar system, will receive bonus rewards.
The faction owner will also receive bonus rewards.
This item is part of the New Reworked Update coming to Box Maze World PvP.