Brix Society MiniBrix Pack Vault


606.59 WAX

Available / Max supply 9700 / 9899

Sold 199

This pack contains 1 random MinBrix character. These NFTs are the entry into the Brix Society ecosystem and can be staked immediately to earn $BRIX on the Brix Staking Platform!

Staking: https://staking.brixsociety.io/

Each MiniBrix is 100% unique in its trait build. To learn more please visit our whitepaper for a complete breakdown.

MiniBrix come in 5 master rarity classes and these classes determine your staking power.

Common = 1$BRIX/hr
Rare = 1.2$BRIX/hr
Epic = 1.5$BRIX/hr
Legendary = 1.8$BRIX/hr
Mythic = 2.5$BRIX/hr

Chances to pull each of the following

Common - 64.5%
Rare - 20%
Epic - 10%
Legendary - 5%
Mythic - 0.2%

WildCard - 0.3%
**MiniBrix WildCard will award you 2500$BRIX Token and a free MiniBrix Pack. Redeem through project leads via Discord or Twitter.