Possible mint: #10 / ∞

The Girls of Bunnvale University - Week 17: Let it Snow Bling


144 WAX

Available / Max supply 16 / 25

Sold 9

The girls are planning a getaway to a ski resort to study for the upcoming midterms. But not everyone has studying in mind and the week quickly derails into a fun and playful snow party. Weekly pack drops contain one card for each girl to be blended into the rare weekend episode and an ultra rare Bling card, highlighting the girl of the week.

The Regular Pack contains 5 cards in uneven ratio for each girl (11% - 29% in each slot).

The Bling Pack contains 5 cards in equal ratio for each girl (20% in each slot) plus a BVU Week 17 Token to be used for the ultra rare Bling card.

Blend 1 (10/10) – Weekend Rare Episode requires

  • 5 cards (Sierra, Tamika, Madison, Erin and Kimi)

Blend 2 (4/4) – Bling card requires:

  • 5 cards (Sierra, Tamika, Erin, Madison and Kimi)

  • Week 17 Bling Token

Pack opening page: https://neftyblocks.com/collections/bunnvalegirl/packs

Blend page: https://neftyblocks.com/c/bunnvalegirl/blends

Note: Blends are on a first come first basis and will take place one hour after the drop at 19:00 UTC. Once the maximum blends have been reached, you won't be able to blend the cards anymore.

ATTENTION: There will be a monthly Mega-Rare Bling Blend (4/4) available with the final drop of the month and will require cards from a variety of episodes of the current month. This is to reward the loyal collectors who have been collecting every week. Necessary ingredients will be announced with the release of the episode beforehand, so you can get prepared and acquire any missing items.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnvale

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