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the Horde's A.S.S. pack series 2


6.66 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 100

Sold 100

The first 15 or so packs were already airdropped to the Horde's founders, the next 100 packs will be 6.66 WAX - after the first 100 sell out the next batch will be available for DHC and WAX on NFTHive.

This is the SECOND SERIES of the Horde's Amalgamation of Sketches and Stickers. We’re still calling it the Horde’s ASS Pack because it’s funny. So what’s this all about? Well Byron creates so much art that he doesn't always know where or if it should be shown. But people want more creations and more art and more collecting fun … and Byron is a people pleaser … so this is Byron's attempt at pleasing everyone all at once. The second series of Sketches and Stickers features new artwork created over the course of the last few weeks. Each pack contains 4 NFTs and there are 24 different Stickers or Sketches in this series. There will be blends in the near future and even years from now. Eventually there may be utility or some use case for these NFTs, but then again, maybe not. It’s all just fun and games and meant as a fun way to be a part of the Horde. Trade digital collectables with like minded people who love quirky horror themed art and support a Canadian artist who loves creating quirky artistic creations with a horror slant for like minded people who love horror themed art. . . . . This is the way of the Horde. . . . All artwork belongs to Byron.