Possible mint: #1464 / ∞


WAX Fragment, July 8th drop


868.49 WAX

Available / Max supply 909 / 1501

Sold 592

The Final of 3 Fragments of our Dungeons Hero packs is HERE! Supply is LIMITED! 10% of the sale will go to the "msroyalcourt" fund for distribution to the Royal Courthouse at the end of the month!

NOTE: This drop will feature the same whitelist from July 6th drops, plus the players on the second list that have won access through giveaways or contests! After 30 minutes, the drop's whitelist will be removed and the sale will go public! Supply is limited to 1500 plus any of the unsold Fragments from July 6th (if any). Good luck!

Click here for the hero pack crafting information page!

Castles is about building wealth, influence and glory. Acquire your lands and grow your kingdom! Take part in limited time crafting events, earn rewards holding Bounties, recharge your crafters to convert tokens into ingredients, and so much more!

Our Next Expansion is called "Dungeons Rising" and will feature an all new system of Heroes with a TON of equipment options and many Monsters to SLAY! There are 3 different Hero classes and each can be found in rarity from Common to Mythic! Heroes of Epic, Legendary, or Mythic quality are not obtainable through packs, ONLY from playing the game!

The Dungeons Rising expansion will feature a system that makes your Hero potentially totally unique through 11 equipment slots, each with 3 color choices in-game! Between all the Heroes, we've got more than 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possibilities of looks for your character!!! An unfathomable amount of customization! If every person on Earth played the game, they could make over 1 million characters look unique, EACH!

Onto some specifics:
To Blend a Standard Hero Pack, you'll need 1 of each Metasource, Runesource, and WAX Fragments, as well as 1 Royal Seal. To Blend an Exalted Hero Pack, you'll need 2 Metasource and WAX Fragments, plus 3 Runesource Fragments and 2 Royal Seals!

In this first set of Fragment blends, there are only 1,500 Standard Packs and 500 Exalted Packs blendable!

Each Pack Contains:

1x Hero - 70% Common, 30% Uncommon
3x Equipment - 70% Common, 30% Uncommon

2x Heroes - 60% Common, 35% Uncommon, 5% Rare
7x Equipment - 60% Common, 35% Uncommon, 5% Rare

Dungeon Rising Hero Packs will not be openable until much closer to the launch of the Expansion coming this Fall. Holding these packs may also grant you access to the Testnet for the Expansion when its available!

Learn more about Dungeons Rising in our whitepaper here.

Whitelist Requirements: See the list here!

Play the game at our website here

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