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Baron Bundle Pack!


5,389.72 WAX

Available / Max supply 12 / 25

Sold 13

This pack includes three assets from the Castles game: A Baron, Standard Hero Pack and Prelaunch Dungeons Loot Chest! Very limited Quantity!

Castles is about building wealth, influence and glory. Acquire your lands and grow your kingdom!

Royal Barons are one of the scarcest assets in Castles the NFT game! They craft one land daily, with a chance at a farm, ranch, or village.

Royal Barons have a finite supply as outlined in our whitepaper here.

Standard Hero Packs contain 1 Hero for Castles: Dungeons Rising expansion, coming this fall! The pack cannot be opened quite yet, but until they can, each week holding one in your wallet will allow you to receive an airdrop of a Prelaunch Dungeons Rising Loot Chest!

The Prelaunch Loot chest, which one is also included here, can be opened right away and contains WEALTH NFTs that are an integral part of Castles: Dungeons Rising expansion! Get a few early to start off with a supply of the new Dungeons token when the game is launched in the Fall, Treasuresource!

As with most Castles related drops, 10% of the sale will go straight into the Royal Courthouse fund, "msroyalcourt" wallet, to be distributed each month to Royal Courthouse Bounty holders!

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