Possible mint: #189 / ∞


Holiday Legendary Tome drop


1,843.32 WAX

Available / Max supply 58 / 75

Sold 17

Holiday Legendary Tome Drop Includes: 1 Legendary Monster Tome + 25,000 Wealth NFT (Import via the game menu!)

Purchase the Holiday Legendary Tome and use it to fuel your heroes for the first Dungeons prize event! Point earning is now live! Top prize is $500 USD in Wax! See more details in the image below!

Read our blog for full details on the event!

If we sell out of our drop the community will be granted the following rewards!:

  • Additional $100 x5 to the prize pool of the Dungeons Sleighing event, rewarded to 5 random players in the top 100
  • Blend event for Royal Seals and MSOURCE into prizes

5% of the drop sale goes to Royal Courthouse Wonder NFT holders.

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