Possible mint: #555 / ∞

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Runeseeker Bundle - 2 Common + 1 Uncommon


440.37 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 250

Sold 250

(It's been brought to our attention this drop accidently includes only 1 common runeseeker. Purchasers will be airdropped an additional common runeseeker, we apologize for the inconvience)

This bundle includes 2 common runeseekers and 1 uncommon runeseeker at a 14% Discount.

Zahara is known as a master carpenter, but few know of her elvish upbringing as a daring Runeseeker. She will search the dangerous caves and jungles of Castellia to find elusive runesource reagents. Runeseekers convert dungeon equipment into runesource (common runeseeker converts common equipment, uncommon runseeker converts uncommon equipment), used for premium dungeoning. This asset will be staked upon use and can be unstaked when not crafting. Castles is a game about building wealth, influence and glory!

Prepare for our upcoming wax earning mode with this game asset!

5% of the tokens earned from this drop will be given to Royal Courthouse Owners as a reward.

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