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Hospawtal Cats - Cat Collector


15 WAX

Available / Max supply 7 / 35

Sold 28

Gerald got into trouble again - Dr Cat to the rescue!

This pack of Hospawtal Cats contains 1 Cat Sticker.
There are 3 cats to collect in total!

The totals for each NFT are:

  • Gerald (uncommon) - 40/200
  • Doctor Cat (common) - 60/200
  • Nurse Kitty (very common) - 100/200

The whitelist is closed. Please do not ask to be added now.
You needed to have the 'Cat Collector' role in the Cat Stickers Discord server.
You get this role by owning 50% of gen 1 Cat Stickers. See your collection on AtomicHub or on

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