Possible mint: #172 / ∞

Alpha Packs - Starter | Dodo Care Center


50 WAX

Available / Max supply 50 / 150

Sold 100

The Dodo Care Center is open !

Grab a pack and play in a new Discord game to earn random loot and ranked prizes ! Most of the sale budget will be allocated to the reward pool and to further develop the game.

The pack contains 4 Common Tools with an equal chance for the play, feed and sleep categories. The 4th Common tool, from the clean category, was given out as a promotional gift to dodo holders some time ago and could be found on the secondary market if needed.

Common tools will give your profile 1 care point for each use. Once the Season One begins new rarities will be introduced and you will be able to blend your way to the Legendary rarity. Some packs will also drop them at low rates.

Start your journey !