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Series 2 Executive Plus! Pack


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The Perils of The Corporate World

Corporate World Series 2

As Dan settles in this new life in the workplace. He gets to meet new H.E.L.L. employees and same as before, these employees have mutated to the worst versions of their personalities.

What you will get:

6 Personnel Cards + 1 Infernals 6-Card Pack

Personnel Card Drop Chances

  • Common (45%)
  • Uncommon (26%)
  • Rare (17%)
  • Epic (7%)
  • Legendary (4%)
  • Mythic (1%)

About Infernals Pack

Get an Infernals pack when you open this pack. Infernals (aka Infernal Objects) now have it's own set of rarities with their own unique rarity art styles. Max rarity is still Extraordinary.

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