Possible mint: #958 / ∞

Character Pack! Cos Katta


43.97 WAX

Available / Max supply 207 / 999

Sold 792

Welcome Our New H.E.L.L. Employee - Cos Katta

He's the reason why facilities in the workplace are sub-par. He is the reason why our benefits are cut. He is the reason why we are using toilet paper to print our documents. His motto is: "Whenever there's a budget for it, I'll slash it in half and then another." and his favorite phrase "We got no money, honey!" He is Cos Katta - the Budget Executioner.

Drop Chances:

  • Common (45%)
  • Uncommon (26%)
  • Rare (17%)
  • Epic (7%)
  • Legendary (4%)
  • Mythic (1%)

Unpack starts at August 21, 16:15 UTC

Unpack here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/corpworldhel/packs

Bonus NFT Airdrop!

If you open the pack before 22 August, 16:00 UTC, you will be eligible to get this special NFT.

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