Possible mint: #714 / ∞

Character Pack! Jess Terrible


58.94 WAX

Available / Max supply 171 / 666

Sold 495

Welcome Our New H.E.L.L. Employee - Jess Terrible

Jess Terrible is the kind of manager that seems like your bet friend. He tells jokes, pull pranks, do parlor tricks, try to make you laugh... however, he does this to mask his inability to lead a team. He can does get mad and swear, especially if he doesn't know the answer to a question or how to fix a problem. He says cliched things like "you're lucky to have a job" and "the show must go on!"

Drop Chances:

  • Common (45%)
  • Uncommon (26%)
  • Rare (17%)
  • Epic (7%)
  • Legendary (4%)
  • Mythic (1%)

Unpack starts at 4 September, 16:15 UTC

Unpack here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/corpworldhel/packs

Bonus NFT Airdrop!

If you open the pack before 5 September, 16:00 UTC, you will be eligible to get this special NFT.

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