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Cosmic Clash - Abyssal Pack Sale


700 WAX

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▶️ The pre-sale (Whitelist) of Cosmic Clash Abyssal Packs will happen on November 30th at 16:00 UTC / 8AM PDT, these packs are open to current Cosmic Clash Players that have reached a rank of 100 or better on the seasonal leaderboard. Max purchase is 2 packs each.
▶️ The public Cosmic Clash Abyssal Pack Sale will start on November 30th at 17:00 UTC / 9AM PDT.
▶️ The public drop will not have a per account limit
🎁 All purchased packs can be opened on December 1st at 16:00 UTC / 9AM PDT.

More Details:

  • This is an EXCLUSIVE Abyssal pack drop, the only packs that will ever be dropped for the seventh galaxy. (Next season we'll move on to a new galaxy...with new ships!)
  • Each pack gives you a 2 powerful starships to supplement your fleet. There are NO COMMONS in these packs!
  • Rarity percentages are:
    RARE - 84%
    EPIC - 15%
    LEGENDARY - 1%
  • Each pack will be 700 WAX