Possible mint: #1081 / ∞


Cosmic Clash - Milky Way Pack Drop


500 WAX

Available / Max supply 1420 / 2500

Sold 1080


▢️ The 1st Cosmic Clash Milky Way Pack Drop will happen on January 24th at 19:00 CET / 10AM PST.
▢️ Whitelisted accounts have 2 hours to purchase their packs, with a max 5 packs per account. If there are any left for public sale they will be on the market at 21:00 CET / 12PM PST.
▢️ IMPORTANT: On January 24th at 18:00 CET / 9AM PST (1 hour before the start of the sale) we'll do a SNAPSHOT. All accounts that hold the premium pass at that moment are whitelisted. Do NOT purchase a Whitelist Premium Pass after this moment, because it will then lose its function.

The drop will stay open until 8AM PST (the following day) so that all timezones have a chance to buy, as long as supply is available. After this time any unsold packs will be taken off the market.

🎁 All purchased packs can be opened on January 25th at 19:00 CET / 10AM PST.

  • This is an EXCLUSIVE Milky Way pack drop, the only packs that will ever be minted for the first galaxy. (Next month we'll move on to a new galaxy...with new ships!)
  • Each pack gives you a full 5 starship fleet with the full rarity spread to send on missions and battle for supremacy. You can fully play the game with just one pack.
  • Each pack will be 500 WAX

Be the first to send your ships on missions to EARN the FGL Token! πŸ’°