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Chibi Card Booster Extinct Pack


484.69 WAX

Available / Max supply 110 / 120

Sold 10

This drop is for Chibi Card carriers only

3 New Crypto Chibi characters make their debut!

Athena the sea turtle, Frost the penguin, & Sandy the camel are ready to burst onto the scene. Arriving through packs in 9 different rarity levels, these 3 will be expanding the Chibi-verse. Don't forget that Base & Rainbow cards will be blended for upgraded "blend-only" rarities starting 48 hours after the sale on our Nefty Super Blends tab so be sure to plan accordingly!

Endangered Pack contains 15 cards. All users that have opened a pack in the first 7 days after the sale & will receive rare reward cards airdropped directly to their wallets.

Boosted Rarity Odds!!!

Base- 38.03%
Rainbow- 30.35%
Elemental- 10.94%
Natural Habitat- 8.2%
Midas- 5.52%
Double Rainbow- 4.38%
Evolution- 1.37%
Angels- 1.03%
Endling- .16%

All cards will be stakeable for the $LOOT token through Warsaken as well as future uses including breeding & player vs player battling through Crypto Chibi and potentially other uses.

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