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Genesis Extinct Pack (15 Cards)


180.18 WAX

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Sold 346

The first Crypto Chibi packs have arrived! Claim this Extinct Pack with 15 lovable, cute NFTs + 1 Chibi Coin. Pack unboxing will happen on Thursday Aug 19 at 12:30pm Eastern/4:30pm UTC at this url - https://neftyblocks.com/c/cryptoxchibi/packs

From that point on you may visit that link & find out what wonderful cards you'll receive!

On Thursday Aug 19 at 4:30pm Eastern/8:30pm UTC blending will start for the 3 exclusive rarity levels!

Be sure to visit the Crypto Chibi communication channels for more information -

Crypto Chibi Discord

Crypto Chibi Twitter

Crypto Chibi Telegram

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