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ZΓ© Cruz πŸ’­ LIMBO


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Song: Limbo

Artist: ZΓ© Cruz

Genre: Instrumental

Rarity: Rare

Behind the Music

🎢"LIMBO is a very personal song for me, not just because it's my first release as a solo artist, but also because it is extremely representative of what I was going through at those times. I was starting to compose LIMBO in 2020, right in the beginning of March, but then the world stopped for a while, and I interrupted the composition. As time passed, I started to feel my creativity further and further away, and with some other personal stuff happening in my life, it didn't take me long to realize that I was going through a depression. So, about eight months and many thoughts later, I finally felt like myself again and got back to work. I've played, recorded and mixed everything alone in my room, and at some point I started to feel more and more connected to this song, because it gave me that daydreaming feeling, when you are not asleep but yet you are dreaming, like that state between certainty and uncertainty, between the real and the unreal, the objective and the subjective, like travelling without moving, like limbo. The music video emphasizes all of this, exploring certain elements that leave us in doubt about what is real or not."

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